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The Nugent Family

Sheriff and Mrs Rich Nugent and their three sons.


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What Veterans Are Saying About Rich


Michael Hensley, United States Army – Vietnam Veteran

I have served in a law enforcement capacity with Richard Nugent for over 25 years.  I know him to be a man of character and conviction.  As a veteran he served our country and as Sheriff he served our community.  He is a true patriot committed to preserving our freedoms while protecting those who sacrificed to purchase them.

When evaluating someone for public service, I have learned to listen to the lips but also look at the life.  Both Richard’s words and his life speak consistently of his integrity.

I am a proud veteran, proudly supporting Richard Nugent for Congress.


Sam Brion

I am supporting Rich Nugent because of a real positive attitude for the veterans.  I have had several conversations with Rep. Ginny Brown Waite’s staff and they are also real enthused with Rich running.  The Veterans need a continuation of support from our representative and Rich promises to give us that.  We need to be “vocal” in support.


John P. Deakins

As a Nam Vet, I am pleased to endorse Rich Nugent for Congress.  Rich has served our country honorably, his three sons are also currently serving.

We need Veterans in Congress,  Rich Nugent will be a strong advocate for all veterans.

My best wishes, prayers, and God Speed go with Rich. Please join me and help get Rich as our Representative in Congress.


Walter D’Agostino

I feel that for many years Ginny Brown Waite has done a fantastic job for the Veterans and constituents in her district and from what I have heard from her and from Rich Nugent in my opinion he is just the man for the job, and being a Marine Vet. I feel he’s the man I want to cover my back.


Dave Parker

I think Rich is a GREAT choice for Congress and for Veterans because he himself is a veteran and can understand and empathize with their struggles and problems.  The fact that his sons are currently in the Military goes to show he is patriotic and understand veteran’s issues.  I support Rich and his candidacy and know he will continue to work for and with veterans while in Congress.


Burton Melaugh

Gulf War Veteran, USMC, President Pasco Republican Veterans Club, Member, seven veteran service organizations

As a military veteran I support Rich Nugent for U.S. Congress because:

1.  He is qualified for the job and his desire for the position is sincere.  He has served in government management, public service, and public defense for his entire career.  His resume speaks for itself; he doesn’t need to sell himself with talk because has put his life on the line for an entire career in the interest of public safety and good.

2.  He has three children in the military, and, like those in the military, he has put his life on the line so the rest of us may have peace of mind, an sense of safety, and live in a state of civility.

3.  He graciously made time for a personal meeting during a very busy campaign schedule to provide assurance that the wonderful work by Congresswoman Browne-Waite and her staff on behalf of veterans will be continued when he wins the election.


Harry White

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich for the first time yesterday and I told him that if Ginny asked him to take her place that was good enough for me. If there is any thing I can do to help with his campaign please let me know.


Rich In His Own Words

To me there is no more honored phrase than the words “I am a Veteran.”  Our veterans have proudly and honorably served our country in peacetime and war – from Valley Forge to Afghanistan.  The men and wome who have served our country have done so with great courage, skill and pride.  Many have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.

My family is especially honored to have sons who have graduated from West Point and have the pride and dedication to serve our country.  Just a few months ago our son Casey graduated from West Point, joining another son Ryan as a West Point graduate.  All three of our sons, Ryan, Kyle and Casey are proud Americans who work hard to be of service to our country.

Today, we face problems that our Founding Fathers could never have foreseen, dealing with terrorists who are intent on killing Americans and destroying our way of life.  Thanks to millions of men and women who have served our country through the generations, our nation has always stood tall in times of crisis.

Every day is a day to honor the greatest military in the world and salute our veterans who have honored each of us with their service.